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Newport International Group LLC Consulting: Strategy Management



Guiding your Strategy to Blue Oceans and New C21 Opportunities

Our strategy management offerings allow Fortune 500 divisions and Inc. 5000 high growth companies to scan the horizon for new markets, align functions to strategy, and to create plans to implement and “operationalize” strategy inside the organization.  We roll up our sleeves and work with you – not “to you” – to identify how best to achieve value and results during and after strategy formulation activities.  With our help, our clients create breakthrough results to emerge as high performing “21st Century” (or “C21″) companies.



Revenues Double for Tool Franchise

Strategic adaptation can help find the root causes for strategy failure and poor organizational performance.  Learn how one franchise system of a well-know tool manufacturer rebuilt its sales strategy and doubled revenues.



Bank Averts Marketshare Decline

When market conditions change, strategic adaptation can reveal new strategies to achieve corporate objectives.  Learn how a regional bank was able to adapt its strategies in a changing market to continue on its path to business expansion.



Breakthrough Strategies



Our work with our clients to design a number of breakthrough strategies include the following:


- Product and Service Offering Development

- Pathway to Innovation

- Market Expansion and Diversification

- Corporate Sustainability

- Sales and Operations Planning

- Global Trade Compliance


We would be pleased to discuss these and other applications of our strategy formulation approaches and strategic adaptation service.  Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation without obligation.



Position Papers

Newport Consulting publishes a series of position papers and case studies on strategy, ranging from how to define a strategic framework, to the tracking and monitoring of successful strategies. These materials convey our point of view and how we engage our clients to deliver this new management approach.

Source: http://www.newportconsgroup.com/wp/services/strategy-management